White interior of a small apartment in contrast tones Photo I. Avdeenko. Ukraine. Kharkov 2020 year.

Private house. Architecture  project with the use of new technologies and energy saving.. 250 m2. 2021 year.

Private house. Architecture. reconstruction of the old house and the unification of two houses bearing the philosophy of life of two generations. 200 m2. 2021 year. 

Privat house interior. 85 m2. 2021 year.

Private house interior design.  Reconstruction of the space of the house with the subsequent creation of an interior in the space of this house. 135 m2  2021 year.

Interior of apartment,  a small restoration of the old estate with the transition to a new interior reminiscent of the Art Deco style, managed to preserve the old parquet, doors, and radiators. The rest of the items could not be saved. 120 m2.  2021 year.

Privat house interior. 2021 year.

The interior of the office of a pharmaceutical company, the design of the office in an ecological style and with a completely ecological approach throughout. The building of the old brick factory made of precast concrete. Ukraine, Kharkov. 2020. photo Ivan Avdeenko

Интерьер квартиры 56м2. 2020г.

The interior of the apartment is in urban style and minimalism, every place in the apartment is functional and made for maximum use. In the apartment, all storage spaces are made in closed doors and walls. 95 m2. Photo Ivan Avdeenko. 2019 

Salon-shop of boutique format on 16m2. Individual equipment, naming, branding, graphic design and lighting solution have been developed. 2020. Photo by Ivan Avdeenko

The private interior of the apartment is made in the style of minimalism with the use of ecological materials and natural textures, which would ensure a comfortable stay in space. 100 m2. Implementation 2019 - 2021 year. Ukraine

Penthouse interior 190 м2. 2019 year.

Apartment 68 м2. 2019 year.

Interior of a private country house.  137 m2  2018 year.

The interior of a private house, visualization in several versions. . 260m2  2019 year

The interior of a private house in the elements of the American style.. realization 2020 year

The interior of the apartment in the Ukraine, realization 2019 year.

Slats from the interior serve as acoustic sound-absorbing panels, since the owner of the apartment is a musician, the task was set to correctly distribute the acoustics to the room. Decorative elements also moved to the kitchen, thereby completing the interior in the overall style. 2018 year

2Box Bar is located on the waterfront. The project of a sandwich bar, the appearance of which steals the packaging in which food is packed with it. The overall color of the bar is made in one of the dark green complex Irish shades, and a contrasting softening dark graphite color, at the entrance there is a dark red brick lining giving contrast to the smooth forms of the facade. 2015 year

Interior of the pool in a private house 2016 year. 

Project of a private house in ridiculous styles and mixed architectural forms, English style passing into the Bauhaus. Home to the big seven and to meet their friends. Three bedroom kitchen, large living room is a transition to part of the building with swimming pool, gym, sauna, boiler room, wine cellar, and attic with guest rooms. Implemented 2016 - 2019 year

Interior design of the Main Office of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Kharkov and Kharkiv region. We carried out the implementation of the interior after performing an internal reconstruction of an old building in the historic center of the city. Kharkov, Ukraine, realization 2017- 2018 year.

The office where the boundaries of perception are lost,  in the style of "ultra minimalism" The whole interior is in the light and still set the direction of this light, of course, you need it to be also beautiful. The idea of design is to surprise, confuse visitors, make the whole design one light and play with it. The point is in the philosophy of minimum and maximum. Maximum effect minimum detail, more space. It is interesting that the interior lives by itself, and the office staff by itself. It doesn't make a person change their perception or mood by working there, the point is that they can create their own mood.  Boundaries are lost here. The facility is made of environmental materials with the latest energy saving technologies, the use of ice panels and light diodes that have a positive effect on the environment and human health.

Glamour Boutique is located on the main street of Kharkov. This room has undergone a coordinated change. Once these large three-meter openings were small doors, and now they are 2.5 meters wide and more than three meters high. The ceilings were very low up to three meters, now the ceiling height is more than four meters. In the interior, a lot of decorative black glass is used, special stands - equipment for clothes behind which heating devices are hidden. Lighting equipment specially selected and designed for maximum effect and color reproduction of space and clothing. The cash register and other equipment are designed exclusively for APRIL_Studio Glamour boutique. 2010, Glamour Boutique, Kharkov, Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

Aero Bistro is a café for airport staff. The interior of the room is very urban, the cafe is provided to serve approximately five hundred people. Color solutions are also quite urban. 

2014 year

All elements of the interior of Boutique Confess complement each other, making it cozy, comfortable and presentable. The concept of design was based on the fact that the clothes presented in the boutique should be dominant. Lighting plays a very important role for clothes made of natural fur (in the wrong light, the fur can acquire a different shade), so we used mix lighting and placed the light sources so as to illuminate the places where the clothes will be located as much as possible. Equipment for clothing, which is two solid horizontal lines: one of them is the base for hanging trempels, and the other is a jumper that supports the glass. Both of them connect the supporting parts, which are attached to the podium. A large number of mirrors in the interior is designed not to increase the space, as is usually the case, but to level out the visual heaviness of the walls and columns, as well as to enhance the dynamics of the internal space. . The interior is dominated by an ornament in the style (art nouveau) designed exclusively for Boutique Confess. Boutique Confess 2009, Kharkov, Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

Interior of the trading hall of the shopping center "Class". The trading floor is designed in the style of the European market. When creating the interior, the approach was made in everything: interior colors, finishing materials, navigation with "color coding", price tags for goods, packages, the uniform of the staff and the style of the building itself.  The design of the trading floor gave rise to a new vision of the brand, it was necessary to revive, update, bring fresh emotions and ideas to the brand, expand the audience, make it relevant, interesting, and most importantly - effective. There is a completely new fresh and emotional brand with updated communication and shell. The hall is united by a navigation guide with the signs of the departments, which is the dominant part of the interior. 2012 Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine.

The interior of the apartment is made in the style of art deco combined with minimalist elements and forms. Implementation 2012. Ukraine.