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Publication in the book of architects of Ukraine, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.  

Interview in the magazine "SALON"
"Truth be told." Release October 2012

Boutique Confess in the center of Kharkov
Designers – Maria Babenko and Alexey Moss. The authors of the project faced a difficult task - to turn a room resembling long-abandoned old ruins into a boutique with luxurious fur and leather products. According to the architects, the planning solution of the interior arose almost immediately. And the concept of its design was based on the fact that the clothes presented in the boutique should become the dominant, and therefore - the main element of the design of the entire space. The first thing that needed to be done was to think over the lighting, which plays a very important role for clothes made of natural fur (in the wrong light, the fur can acquire a different shade), and place the light sources so as to illuminate the places where the clothes will be located as much as possible. The concept of the interior is based on straight lines. The authors of the project wanted to achieve simplicity and avoid unnecessary excesses. This idea is subordinated to the equipment for clothing, which is two continuous horizontal lines: one of them is the basis for hanging the trempels, and the other is a jumper that supports the glass. Both of them connect the supporting parts, which are attached to the podium. A large number of mirrors in the interior is designed not to increase the space, as it usually happens, but to level the visual heaviness of the walls and columns, as well as to enhance the dynamics of the internal space.
All elements of the interior of Boutique Confess complement each other, making it cozy, comfortable and presentable. text Elena Alekseeva photo by Andrey Avdeenko. 
October  2009

Water Parade: SpichBox object
Spich Box or Retractable Sink
.« Vodoparada-2005": object SpichBox
The concept of a compact installation of plumbing equipment, for use in small spaces and rooms, whether it is an airplane, yacht, trailer, bus or apartment. 

Spich Box took part in the international exhibition Germany, Frankfurt 2005