Pure Emerald

Emerald is a shade, the main of the three main colors - green (dark spectrum). Perhaps this shade is one of the most pleasant and calm for our eyes,
since it prevails in the flora and fauna, therefore it has a direct association with the purity of nature, 
freshness and naturalness, it is green that determines the main character of the emerald color and does not
Looking at the obvious brightness it is very self-sufficient and one of the most positive colors of the spectrum,
gives peace and well-being. This color has always been distinguished by its elegance and luxury.
 Choosing this color in the interior, you yourself set yourself up for a positive and calm mood with yourself,
and the emerald color will never bore you, only if it is in harmony with the combined
with it colors and in the right proportion. Here the main thing is not to make an overabundance of color, because in nature everything, 
even the brightest colors are in harmony with each other and do not cause controversy. This color should not
to be a lot, then it will bring exactly that natural emotionality of tranquility that we need so much.
Emerald color goes well with neutral shades (white, cream, black, gray), with red
classic and dark red, with shades of orange and tangerine, golden-copper, color of gold ochre
and saffron, with blue and azure, blue-purple, ultramarine, shades of purple (grape,
violet) and even with pink and crimson! 
 A variety of color options combines emerald, if you don't want to venture with walls, then
this color can be used in decor, textiles and furniture elements. This color works great with 
natural and artificial lighting, changing its shades and playfully revealing all its diversity.
In the morning, this color will fill you with energy and vigor for the whole day, and in the evening it will calm and relax.
 Do not be afraid to take risks and fill your life with new colors and you will see how everything will begin to change in your 
life and to lie in new, vital and prosperous colors.